Asia: our home

Asia is the world’s largest and most populated continent known for its rich culture and vast diversity. It is a place of magic and highly glorified due to its diversity and cultural qualities. The place is known to be the home of most of the greatest, oldest and widely populated religions and races. More than half of the greatest monuments and buildings in the world are built and maintained, along with providing the world enough food and grain to feed its citizens it also manufactures many of the world’s rarest available goods.

Not only it provides many great advantages to the people living here but also has a number of attractions for the people willing to travel all the way from their home to Asia, to know more about it. It also has some of the main tourist attractions to make your stay here lot more comfortable and amazing and also has some of the other facts too that make this continent extraordinary and different from other six continents in the world.

  1. Origin of the human life

Though there are not valid proofs it is believed that the humans were first originated somewhere in Asia. In short, it is the continent where life begins and we are the result of all that. The continent is famous because the life we are living today and the story of our origin lie here.

  1. Financial Stability

As a continent, Asia is a lot more financially stable than the other ones. The countries like China, Japan are one of the leading countries in the world in term of financiers. Also, the other countries are a lot less Poverty driven than the rest of the world. The overall poverty rate in Asia is very much lower as compared to the other continents.

  1. Exporter of food and grains

A large part of Asian countries are involved in the agriculture industry and supply food and grains to the rest of the world. High-quality food and grains are produced here to fulfill the world’s hunger. A lot of countries in the world are solely depended on the Asian countries for its food supplies.

  1. Travel and tourism

Asia is full of monuments and buildings and different places suitable to travel. Many travel enthusiasts annually travel to Asia to fulfill their travel thrusts. Also, many countries in the continent are mainly depended on the travel industry as their main employment option.

  1. Rich culture and diversity

Asia is full of countries with different culture and diversities in has in store a lot to show you. The continent is well known for its richness in culture. A whole juicy and classic history is connected to its origin and is of a deep interest for the tourists.

  1. Great for archaeological dig

Asia has in store a lot of secrets about the culture of old times and remains of many of the significant events of the past and hence is of a great interest for the Archaeologists and the history lovers.

  1. Weather

The continent is blessed with the weather loved by everyone and the proper and amazing climatic conditions. The weather is suitable for the perfect and mesmerizing and a main attraction for the tourists.

  1. Religious diversity

The continent is home to a vast number of religions and is well established as a religious leader among the rest all. All the habitats here settle with peace and harmony irrespective of their religions.

  1. Physical Conditions

The Continent of Asia is blessed with a high range of different and appropriate physical conditions, satisfying the climatic and civilization habituating in it.

  1. Population and land

Compared to the remaining six continents Asia has the highest area covered and also the maximum number of the population residing here, this gives it a benefit over the other continents.


Keeping in mind all the points mentioned it can be concluded that Asia has many of the qualities that make it a better and a special continent as compared to the rest. With a lot of secrets still remained to be unfolded for the betterment of the World and its habitats it is a continent worth DewaPoker your visit on.